BA 301 Week 8 Assignment Research Paper

Business and Society Reflection






Business and Society Reflection

The relationship between the business world and the general society at large is a rapidly developing one. There are tremendous changes that are currently taking place within this field which need to be explored and undertaken to ensure that the good relationship already established is well fostered. For a business to succeed, it has to receive favor from its customers and those that are directly linked towards its general development. By so doing, it establishes a good rapport between both the society at large and the employees of the business in general. This creates an amazing relationship first between employers and employees to enable them to have a peaceful coexistence. It also enables the business shareholders to have a good relationship with the society at large which has a direct correlation with the attaining of profits.

To begin with, organizational ethics are very key issues that have to be addressed well in rapidly developing businesses. As had been discussed earlier, ethics are a set of values that enable an individual to decipher between right and wrong. They basically form a guide to the application of moral principles, standards of behavior, or set of values regarding proper conduct in the workplace as individuals and in a group setting. It was also discussed that these are very important values to have within the workplace. The reasons that were discussed included the ones discussed hereby. To begin with, it allows for good inter-personal relationships between different employees. It also enables an individual to perform their duties as required because not only are they bound by the terms of the contract of the workplace but also, they are obliged to perform what is ethically acceptable.

In as much as the ethics of different companies and businesses often differ, they are based on similar principles and are all guided by these principles set in place. The basic principles governing all the ethics at the workplace include Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, and Caring. Trustworthiness is whereby the employees prove themselves worthy to be trusted and vice versa. This enables them to agree on most disciplines and work in total harmony mainly because they believe in one another. This fosters a good relationship within the workplace and ensures that things run smoothly because of the existence of a mutual form of understanding. The next Value that has to be in place is respect. It has always been documented that respect is a two way traffic value. Both the employers and the employees have to show respect to one another to ensure that a mutual understanding is put in place. On the other hand, the employees also have to show respect to themselves to ensure that the workplace is peaceful.

Responsibility is another key value that has to put in place in any organization. All the employees should have a sense of responsibility even if they don’t have the stakes in the company. By so doing, it enables them to work with a good heart and do their work to the uttermost perfection. The other values of importance include caring and fairness. Fairness is a very important value. At any time, the employer should always exhibit fairness to his employees. Most of the time when employees feel that there is so much unfairness and favoritism taking place at the workplace, they get demotivated and loose the drive to do their work as effectively as before. This is mainly because they then fail to see the need to work so hard and end up unappreciated. For this reason, fairness is one of the most important attributes that has to be put in place within the organization. Also, the company should care about their employees. This alone motivates the employees and makes them put in the best effort to develop the company further.

On several occasions, employees are drawn from the neighboring community and the society. For this reason, the society will be aware of all that take place within the organization. This can then have either a positive or negative influence on the development and growth of the business. In places where the employees are treated well, this information gets to the general public making them want to promote the business that has a positive impact on the society at large. However, when there is poor treatment at the workplace, then this will get to the society and may have disastrous effects. There have been several occurrences where businesses have been burnt down or looted by the neighboring society mainly because of poor treatment of the employees and lack of satisfaction. For these and several other reasons, organizational ethics have to be maintained in businesses to foster their development.

The next section covered that was very instrumental was the lesson on consumer rights and how businesses should run. This section mainly made us understand that most of the times we usually receive more than we should during the customer service. With this in mind, we learn that we should always strive to see that customers receive all their rights. Therefore in our future businesses, we are more likely to incorporate this into our businesses to ensure that our customers receive the best. We learnt about several consumer rights which included the right to choose, the right to safety, and the right to be informed, the right to be heard, the right to environmental health, the right to service, the right to remedy and the right to consumer education.

All these rights have a direct impact on the way businesses and the society relate in the long run. For a good relationship to exist between these two parties, the rights have to be upheld as stipulated. To begin with, the right to choose gives the consumer the power to choose whatever they want in the manner that they want it. This right allows them for instance to walk out of one store to another if the item they want lacks in the first store. They have the right to select which brand they want and which type they want without ruining their relationship with the store. They have the right to choose the item that they find to be their best. The next right that was discussed was the right to safety. The consumers have to receive items which are safe both for their use and even consumption. In the current world, if a store is known to sell items that pose a hazard to the existence of the neighboring society then people will shun that particular store and in most cases these then collapse. All the other rights also have a direct impact on how the business will relate to the society as had been discussed in the assignments. Therefore for a business to thrive in the present world then at least all of the rights should be upheld to the uttermost.

The final section of discussion is the influence of technology in the society especially in the business entity. Technology has remained to be one of the best inventions that were ever made. There are several advantages that technology has continued to bring about. To begin with, technology is making the world to become a global market. There has been the evolution of online markets which in my opinion do better as compared to real markets. This has allowed individuals to obtain whatever they want wherever they are thus eliminating the need to travel far overseas to obtain whatever they desire.

In several fields, people are now able to get their needs with a mere phone call. This has made life extremely easier with the ability also to view a range of goods before finally settling on one item. The hallmark of technology in my opinion was through the invention of the internet. This is because the internet is a free net of information for everyone who can gain access to it. It has thus helped several individuals to gain knowledge on certain aspects unlike those individuals without access. Those with access are therefore able to have business advantage and make wealth faster.

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