BA 301 Week 8 Discussion Review and Reflection

Review and Reflection






Review and Reflection

This class has been one of the best sessions I have ever had. To begin with the learning has been extremely interactive and therefore it has made the overall understanding easier. The intractability has also aided me to gain knowledge in a relaxed manner and therefore made them look feasible and realistic. This makes one understand the content even much better. Also the series of lessons have been touching on the daily occurrences at the business place together with the effect this has on the society. This has helped in the acquisition of skills that will be necessary either now or in future to ensure that the businesses that I may find myself running take place easily within the ethical confines and obeying all the necessary acts that govern businesses.

The class has changed my entire view on the relationship between business and the society. Initially, I often thought that the buck ended at business and that there were no other factors or issues involved. However, from this class, I have learnt that there are a myriad of things that have to be involved. From the first lesson and discussion, we learnt that about corporate social responsibility. Here we discussed the companies with corporate social responsibility and how this aids their business in the long run. On the other hand we learnt of their duty to the society and how the general society benefits from such an arrangement. We also discussed about ethics at the workplace and what is acceptable in the workplace. This is very key for any business.

A very important aspect in the lessons was the section about strategic philanthropy and the rights of the consumer. In my opinion these are very key section that every business oriented person should be well acquainted with. These are the sections that will positively change my entire role in the business field. After discussing about strategic philanthropy and the advantages that it confers to both businesses and the society in general, I learnt that I could use that information in the near future to gain two things; first, to further develop my company and second to aid in the general development of my community at large. With this in mind, both sides stand to develop further. Finally, the rights of the consumer made me know all my rights as a consumer and what I should accept and what not to. It enlightened me on how I should address my business customers in future and how to handle them as well. If this concept would be taken up by all the business persons in the world, then the world would be a much better place.


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