Major issues facing migrant labor

BA 325 week 2 discussion

Migrant labor has been faced by various unexpected issues since 1960s.Most of the workers are employed in dangerous, dirty and also difficult situations and environment in order to maximize their profits and reduce the cost of living. In manufacturing and production industries, the life is difficult and dangerous but it is hard for the migrant workers to express their grievances to the employer. The migrant workers come from very inferior backgrounds in terms of finance and you find that it is difficult for them to express their interest to the tightly regulated environment. Their concerns about the payment of low wages and working in poor conditions make them face different challenges economically, socially and emotionally. They are also affected psychologically because of the distance created when they move away from their families and live long in foreign countries where no one cares about their wellbeing (Iredale, 2007).

Some of the workers might be misused by the employers because they are unable to express themselves. For instance, the male migrant workers are involved in labor extensive businesses like construction and agricultural industries whereby some of the conditions are unfavorable for humans and affect the health of the migrant people. These problems have been resolved whereby the nongovernmental agencies and private sectors have come in to control the problems facing migrant labor. In the 21st century, the issues have been addressed through creation of policies governing all the employees not only concerning the health conditions but also their concerns and wages (Iredale, 2007).

In conclusion, the unions have really participated in controlling and also taking the responsibility of the global justice approach to curb these problems. Labor issues are not only facing the migrant people but also all the employees which has called for the unions to participate. The unions have provided policies through which the employers must obey for the protection of the employees. Unions have provided employees’ rights to strike, right to be listened to and also right to unionization. The unions have provided tight security and protection to the employees which govern them fully. I recommend that, all the employees to join unions in order to protect them from employers misuse and mistreatment. The policies should be followed to the latter and anybody who violates them should face serious consequences (Burawoy, 2006).


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