BA 421 week 1 Discussion Strengths and weaknesses for a leadership position

Strengths and weaknesses for a leadership position


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Strengths and weaknesses for a leadership position

Leadership is a practical skill that entails the capability of an individual to guide other team players in an organization. The purpose of a leadership position is to map out the direction to be followed as a team; and it is exciting, inspiring and dynamic. Yet, while team leaders determine the direction, they are also required to apply management skills to lead the team/organization to meet the set objectives in an efficient way. Leadership must be proactive- focusing ahead, not being satisfied with mediocre results and problem solving (Chin, 2015).

I have several strengths for a leadership position. The first strength is the ability to inspire and motivate team players. Strong foundation for leadership position is built by a compelling vision but it is the ability of the team leader to inspire and motivate teammates that enables them deliver the vision. For instance, there is a lot of enthusiasm during the initial stages of a new project but that enthusiasm fades away after some time. I consider this inability to maintain enthusiasm throughout the project as a weakness.

The second strength is the ability to create an inspiring vision for the organization. A vision depicts the position the organization wants to be in the near future. Vision sets priorities, and provides direction so that it is easy to measure what has been achieved and what is yet to be achieved. A vision can easily be achieved by focusing on the organization’s strengths. The next step after developing the vision is to make them convincing and persuasive. This creates something that is meaningful and everyone can relate to.

Another weakness is inadequately managing successful delivery of organization’s vision. This is because it requires each team member to participate proactively. However, this is impossible to achieve because each individual in the team has his/her own unique qualities and personalities. One way of ensuring that the vision is delivered is through building and coaching the team. Team building and development takes timesince the leader must first comprehend the dynamics of the team. Valuable time that would have been used to deliver vision is instead used in team development.


Chin, R. (2015). Examining Teamwork and Leadership in the fields of Public Administration, Leadership, and Management. Team Performance Management, 21(3/4): 199. doi:10.1108/TPM-07-2014-0037

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