BA 431 week 1 Discusssion Performance Management

Performance Management






Performance Management

Performance management is a tool used by both managers and employees to review, plan and check on goals, objectives and provision of continuous coaching for the evaluation of the organization. Performance management is key in every organization to ensure roles and responsibilities of every individual at all levels of management are put to the best practice. The aim of it is to meet the needs of the organization as well as the strengths and areas of weaknesses that exist in an organization. Performance management process involves assessment reward, career development more than performance appraisal. Managing performance embraces maintaining effective controls, correcting sub-standard performance and appraising overall performance. Maintaining effectiveness on control all work is done timorously and to the required standards.

Effective managers let individuals know exactly what is required of them, give subordinates the necessary authority to do the job, makes subordinates accountable for achieving desired results, permit staff to exercise reasonable initiatives provided the required outcomes are achieved, keep in touch with the work in progress as well as take immediate remedial action when performance is sub-standard. This effective system allows control of subordinates to exercise self- control so that results attained on time and to the required standards. This creates motivational climates, which frees managers from the task of checking everything personally. A good control system starts with clear requirements that are understood and documented where it involves scorecard, job description as well as checklists. Appraisal helps to measure performance whether the outcome has been achieved, if the standards or objectives have not been achieved. Scapens & Bromwich, (2010) Performance evaluation and development plan should consist of key performance areas such as finance, customer care, staff development and growth, internal business processes and maintaining sustainable and ethical business, which is

Conducted annually, based on measures, key performance indicators as well as the ratings. Assessment of overall management is then done thereafter which evaluation of job competence and career, training and development planning.


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