BA 431 week 2 Discussion Workforce Behavior

Workforce Behavior






Workforce Behavior

Workforce behavior has been a major issue in most organization today, different employees and managers faces various challenges in their day-to-day activities. Behavior and attitude varies here when the employees and managers in different organization try to raise their concerns in different work environs. Much attention is paid to avoid negative attitude in workplace in order to effect performance, productivity and the well-being of the organization.

Behavior of incivility is common in both private and public sectors and normally costly. Most individuals are prone to bullying due to low job mobility and frequent personal engagements that lead to arguments. Bureaucracy, organizational impersonating nature and low priority to management skills leads to incivility and negative behavior.

A high competitive work environment, dictatorship management style, tight deadlines, organizational change as well as deliberate management style are factors that lead towards negativity at workplace.

Systematic ill treatment and emotional abuse of employees in workplace includes violence, victimization, harassment, physical terror, unsolicited and improper communication occurs due to inequalities in power. Withholding information that affects an individual ‘s performance, undermining another’s work, pressure on production before deadlines, too much workload, setting of unrealistic targets, shifting goalposts, abuse as well as insults are examples of negative behaviors at workplace.

Factors that trigger negative behavior includes: authoritarian management tactic, job insecurity, insufficient training, very competitive work environ, setting of unrealistic and tight deadlines, organizational change, multi-skilling, lack of worker involvement in decision making, extreme workload, lack of proper workplace procedures and existence of high levels of stress in workplace. It is very important to address and check on workforce behavior at workplace to avoid adverse effects.


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