Civil War

Civil War



Civil war is a term used to define a war between two opposing citizens of the same country. Such war occurs due to political differences in term of who one supports or who one prefers. Civil war is agood example of contentious politics since most of it is triggered by politics in a country where people do not agree on the same candidate. The largest Civil war experienced occurred in America during the era of Lincoln which started as a result of uncompromising differences between the free and state slaves over the power of the national government.

A repeat of the similar event occurred sometimes back and the case was reported to me. Civil war is a crime according to the American law because it causes tension in the country and puts to a halt a lot of activities in the country and results to the country lagging behind economically. The case of civil war reported was caused by incites from various groups of people who thought that their leaders were not doing the right thing and felt that they needed to protest against the leaders. The war occurred because there was a group which concurred to this thought while there was another group which disagreed to the thought. These differences therefore brought about some disagreement and hatred between the two groups and as a result it led to war.

As a chief police officer, it was my duty to make sure that the group that started the incites is punished according to the constitutional law and put to a stop the war. Reprimanding the victims of the crime would be the first step then later make it known to the victim that such behavior is not accepted in the country and that anyone found guilty of such crimes is punished accordingly. I also took the initiative to educate the victim of the crime on the effects associated with civil war such as shedding people’s blood, bringing down the country’s economy since civil war will cause a lot of activities in the country to stop and also sensitize the victim on the importance of maintaining peace in the country.


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