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Bling shop is one of the best shops offering jewelry for stylish offering high quality services and products to the customers. Bling shop has timely delivery and is also able to make any design desirable for their customers. Bling shop is able to offer any accessory needed according to customers age, style and also his or her budget. You can shop anytime at bling shop as it is available online whereby goods and services can be delivered at your place after you shop. Bling shop is committed in fulfilling the customers’ needs concerned with babies and girls whereby the products are of high quality. They are able to offer high quality jewelry, affordable accessories and gifts according to the occasion. Services and products prices at bling shop are subjected to change to cater for every customer’s purchasing power (Jewell, 2012).

Bling shop has a strategic plan which must be followed to make their business the best place to be. The shop has excellence management which focuses on the welfare of the customers, about the people around the business and also about the business. Leadership in bling shop is well organized with variety of essential which help in management. The management always ensures that there is success in the business and every customer’s need is attended to. In addition, bling shop has strategic cost reduction on their products and services. This is because they make decisions using decision making guide to make their prices affordable to their customers. The changes which might occur in the business are also implemented in bling shop. Ideas from the customers are listened to and potential solutions are made for complains (Snyder, 2009).

Bling shop is committed to provide the best services to the customers with timely delivery according to clients’ requirements. Bling shop’s objective is to make quality products to cater for their clients demands. They are determined to offer special and quality products to customers with affordable prices. They also ensure that they provide shoes and accessories of any design according to the client’s requirements. They have a goal to be the best of all the shops offering the same products. This is achieved through high quality personnel applied in making the products. They have a vision to become the preferred choice of their customers and attract other investors through their services (Ko, 2006).

Bling shop applies cost leadership strategy in order to target their customers. This is done in order to cater for the needs of their customers according to their efforts. They provide services and goods at lower prices in the target market. Differentiation strategy is also used mode at bling shop as they sell goods and services which are different from other shops in order to compete successfully. Bling shop has unique products which are handmade which high skilled personnel compared to other products. The shop produces variety of shoes and accessories of large volumes to cater for the demand in the market. In addition, focus strategy is also used in bling shop as they are interested in providing shoes and accessories for both girls and babies (Snyder, 2009).

In conclusion, these strategies are applicable in this shop because they give a competitive advantage to bling shop. They also cater for the consumers’ needs whereby every customer can afford their products. They have target market in which bling shop put their focus in. they focus on meeting the demands available in the target market.


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