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CJR 524: Week 6 Discussion 2

The protection of our nation is our ultimate goal here in the United Sates and at the same time I feel that the United states takes that protection just a tad too far and it is taken so far that it invades one’s personal privacy. If I had to create a framework for an ethical policy that would protect our privacy and ensure security at the same time I would probably establish some guidelines on what is needed to protect privacy and ensure security. The guidelines I will provide I know will have some holes in it but there are loopholes in all laws. My first guideline would be for the government to let the public know what they are exactly doing. No secrets and no lies because we have to build trust between each other and the best way to do that is to be honest about what we are doing.

Since I believe that we do have to give up some privacy to have more security I would have to say my next guideline is that we all should be monitored when it comes to our conversations on the phone, the sites we look up on the internet (especially if they are terroristic sites) and just anything that could be considered a red flag when it comes to national security. I do not believe that the government should be able to keep those recorded findings for a long period of time unless an investigation is going on so I would definitely put a time limit on how long that type of sensitive information is actually stored. I believe that the most important protection from the Bill of Rights is the 4th Amendment when it comes to technology. The 4th Amendment protects us from unreasonable searches and seizures. Technology is always advancing and with new pieces of technology comes new ways for people to be recorded and for things to upload onto the internet so the world can see. So with the advancement of technology new laws have to be made to protect everyone.

Even police officers have the benefit of using updated technology but making sure that the technology used does not violate our rights is the key component to making sure we are being ethical when it comes to what type of technology we give the government and local authorities to use. Having advanced technology at the disposal of the local government that would make obtaining a warrant may be borderline unethical if use in the wrong way.


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