COMM 102 Version Source Evaluation Matrix

Source Evaluation Matrix

Complete the table for each source you use. Add a column to include the information from any additional source.

Question Source 1 Source 2
What is the name of the source? Relaying the company vision to boost employee morale. Happy employees have agood work-balance.
Is the author/publication biased? How do you know? No, this author or publication is not biased, the article offer inside information of what a company did to boost the employees morale. This author is not biased, it provides a lot of example to prove his point based on facts.
Is this a reliable source? Explain. Yes, it is a reliable source found at the university library, which has been peer reviewed. Yes, this source has been found on the University library which establishes reliability.
Is this source credible? Explain. This is a peer reviewed source which ensures credibility on the article. Being a peer reviewed article ensures the credibility of the source.
How is this source appropriate for your topic? This source helps me understand better how to boost employees morale in order to complete my proposal. This source makes a lot of sense on my assignment as I also believe that in order to boost an employees morale, the employee needs to feel happy at work.
How will this source support your topic? It has a lot of sources that helped me understand better how to boost employees morale. This article provides a lot of goods points to highlight the importance of boposting the employee’s happiness and morale at work.

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