Customer Portion at Bling Shop

Customer Portion at Bling Shop





Customer Portion at Bling Shop

Customer satisfaction is very sensitive portion in any organization. In business world today customers should be taken as the bosses of the business. They have a very important impact to the business whereby the success of your business depends on how you handle your customers. Customer culture should be well known by the employees so that they can treat and meet all the requirements of the customers (Katzenbach & Smith, 2010). At bling shop, they have created customer vision whereby the employees understand it well in order to meet the organizational goal. They provide the best customer service to the entire customer since they also train their employees on how to manage customer service vision. Bling shop employees are able to access the customers’ demands and their need which in turn helps them to target them efficiently.

Bling shop have a target market whereby they only concentrate and focus on meeting the needs of their target market. For the strong customer service, bling shop is able to hire only the right employees who got the skills and knowledge of handling their customers. They follow their set goal which is being the best in the market and providing quality services to their customers. They are also able to reward the best services offered by the employees to the customers. Bling shop has increased customer satisfaction through building loyalty to them and timely delivery of their goods and services. They have also a technique of keeping their customers happy by tapping into social media and monitoring the best ways to improve their relationship on meeting the demands (Katzenbach & Smith, 2010).

Market segmentation is important at ensuring that the target groups have been reached. It helps to form or create the right target groups at bling shop. At bling shop services have been divided according to age and type of the services to the customers. This has helped them meet every need of the customer efficiently. Bling shop has an age target market whereby the shoes are made for young ones and the jewelries are made for all people. They sell handmade shoes and clothes for young people whereby they make the best at affordable price. In addition, they also have gender specific target market whereby they mostly target of the female gender through provision of jewelries for girls (Kaplan & Norton, 2009).

Bling shop use advanced technology whereby they order goods and services online and response is done immediately. They shop online and goods are delivered into their destination by the employees. Those without access to online services make orders through making calls or sending message to employees and goods are thereby delivered immediately to them. The client gives the description of the desired product, the amount of the product, the delivery address and may also include his or her own email to ensure safety of the product. On the other hand, customer issues are very sensitive on handling. No matter how good your business is there must be customers’ issue which should be handled effectively. At bling shop, complaints are solved immediately as they occur. The employees always remain calm to customer’s complaints and make all efforts to make the customers feel comfortable (Schneider & Bowen, 2006).

In conclusion, bling shop always trains their employees on how to handle the complaints from the customers. They have a strategic plan on solving issues from the customers whereby they keep all the records of the complaint until the solution is reached. They ensure that the customers are contented with the solution and conclusion made for them.


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