Data Section at Bling Shop

Data Section at Bling Shop




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Data Section at Bling Shop

Data section is an important stage at any organization as it assists during development, implementation and all the processes at bling shop. In strategic planning, data management should be taken great care as it provides quality planning of long term goals. Data section provides the reports on the flow and the move of an organization. Data section at bling shop has got many important meaning because it guides what should be done within the shop. Data management at strategic planning consists of data collection and analysis of what have been collected from the field. At bling shop, the managers use variety of sources to gain data which in turn helps to keep changing the designs according to customers need (Stadler, et al. 2012).They have an access to information provided in the internet, newspapers and also from other competitive shops. They also listen to their customers in order to correct any complain and make more interventions.

Data found at bling shop can be found in any form whereby there is soft data stored in electronic devices while it can also be found at hard copies. Hard copies provide our customers with overview of the kind of jewelry found at the shop. It also provides information about the sales and the effectiveness of our accessories to them. The customers are also allowed to browse or log in to our web page where there is also information about our bling shop. There is also privacy on the information which should only be accessed by the leaders. Any unauthorized disclosure of the private information may lead to serious consequences. Data warehouse at bling shop focuses on the sales and making the customers comfortable with our services. The data provided at bling shop can be accesses only when needed. There is also information provided in the books for customers with questions and other services (Yada & Ohno, 2006).

Data mining tools are used at bling shop in order to predict for future trends of the business. The results from the data mining tools is useful at bling shop as it helps improve our services to the customers making our goods and services the best in the market. We use different data mining tools to provide the best information needed for our shop. We keenly review the results from data mining tools in order to improve our manufacturing services. We evaluate our business situation and make correction on the processes whereby the data mining tools acts as a direction for productive outcomes. Managers use advanced technology to capture data and make analysis from it. They seek data on models and new design which are then trained to the employees to improve our manmade accessories. At bling shop there are also backups used for data security. In case there is interference of the organizations data there is software installed for data security (Johnston, Lafferty & Petsan, 2012).

In conclusion, accounting clerk should have 5 years or more of experience on accounting techniques. She or he should have skills and knowledge on how to handle different accounting information. Senior manager should supervise and ensure the running of the company is well organized. Therefore accounting clerk should have more secured data security for accounting compared to the senior manager. Accounting is very sensitive process in any organization and unless is well secured things may fail in the organization. Accounting clerk must be keen on the accounting processes to avoid confusion and ensure that everything is orderly.


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