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This paper will review and reflect all the 8 topics learned in the past 8 weeks. It will also discuss the most practical lesson that can easily be applied. Lastly, it will highlight the hardest topic and lesson to grasp and explain why it is the hardest to grasp.

All the eight topics have been communicating different ideas which have one thing in common. Mostly they have been communicating about domestic violence. Questions have been arising as to whether the police officers should address domestic violence. Strategies that should be laid to stop or reduce the domestic violence have also been discussed(Stevenson, 2013). The D.A.R.E program has also been discussed and there has been some heated discussions as to whether this program helps in minimizing drug abuse. It has been learnt that most of the teenagers who attend the D.A.R.E program are involved in drug abuse even more than those who have never been in the class. The police officers are the ones who interact friendly with those teenagers who attend their classes and educate them about drug and substance abuse. Ambivalence towards the gangs was also discussed within the eight weeks whereby we learned the reasons that makes gangs to make strong ties with the people of their communities. The reasons as to why people fear to report the gangs to the police or any nearby authority was also discussed. Therefore, all these eight topics have mostly been revolving around security, domestic violence, drugs and gangs in the communities.

The most practical and easily applied lesson learned is that, for any change to be realized, it begins an individual. Change begins with an individual. If a community want to fight against drug abuse, domestic violence or gangs, then it must begin with all the stakeholders. If it is the police, they have to be honest and arrest every criminal without receiving bribes. If a member of a community witnesses a crime being committed, he or she should not hesitate or fear to report.

It was hard to grasp some ideas and lessons. It was hard to understand what could be making teenagers get involved in drug and substance even after all the awareness have been created to them. It was also hard to grasp and understand what could be making some members of different communities to be adamant in reporting criminals even if they are related. This is because any individual who breaks law should be subjected to punishment whatsoever. It was hard to grasp some information from some topics simply because there was a contradiction in the sense that, those who should be responsible for their own change acted in the opposite direction.


Stevenson, R. (2013). International handbook of research on environmental education (1st ed.). New York: Routledge.

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