ECE 315 Week 5 discussion 1

I selected the developmental stages of language to explore. There are a lot of resources that can be used to help gain more knowledge on the language acquisition.

The first resource I will talk about is PBS Parents link for child development and education. On thesepages, you can choose to search by age birth to eight years old or by activity or learning domain. There are informative articles, links to interactive games, and links to educational shows that children will enjoy. This website supports acquisition by providing activities and topics that promote language learning. They site also suggest books for each different age group that parents can read to the children to promote language development. The site also breaks down the language milestones and anticipated ages. This is one that I will use to keep up with for the latest activities, books, and articles on child development. This is also a place I can refer my students’ parents to when they are looking for ideas and activities to do with their children.

The next resource that I would like to share is a youtube video called stages of language development. This is a short video that explains the different stages of language development. It supports the teacher and parent by giving a better understanding of language development. I will use this resource to have a better understanding and break down of the stages of language development. I will be able to watch the video and relate it to my classroom.

The last resources that I would like to share is an article called language development at an early age: learning mechanisms and outcomes from birth to five years. This gives more information on how language is developed and offers ways to support children in developing these skills. This article offers activities and teaching strategies that can be used to help support a child’s language development. I will use the strategies that are offered in this article to help support children in learning.

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