EN 361 Week 2 Discussion Reflection Journal

Look ahead at the assignments you will be working on throughout the portfolio project. Identify one or two areas that you think might be particularly difficult for you. What can you do now to prepare yourself to overcome those difficulties?

I feel the areas that I will find particularly difficult to me would be the research aspect. I say that because I would find it difficult to find the data that I need. This would include current information on the industry I am trying to pursue. Even when trying to do some research for this week’s assignment. I found an issue with obtaining current information.

Looking back at the assignments you have completed so far. What did you find particularly difficult?

I found it particularly difficult to find current data. I needed that so that I can get factual information to appease my primary readers. The most recent data I could find is dated back in 2002. When I attempted to use some of the references for the 2002 data I found it difficult to search the site to find updated information. Also, It took a minute to differentiate what information would be relevance to each reader.

What could you have done to make the process easier, more efficient, or more effective?

What I did to make the process easier for me was to proofread the letters on introduction with not only myself, but also with others. I honestly worked with three other people. They provided me insight that I feel make the process for me in a more focused manner. Also, I didn’t use the three people for both letters. I had them proofread one letter. Reading the information out loud helped me do identify flaws too.

What have you learned about your own writing?

I learned that I do not start with the subject first. I think that reading the class book helped me to realize this. Even when writing the letters I saw how I was writing.

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