EDU 508 Data Test

Data Test

I intend to analyze and interpret qualitative data for my final study. This is the kind of data that looks at and concerned with qualities. Qualitative data may come by way of open-ended questions, interviews, testimonials, focus groups and case studies. The common approach to analyzing qualitative data involves this steps.

The type of data analysis that I would do is descriptive where the main features of a collection of data is described that is because the least amount of effort possible is used.

  • Knowing your data: doing a good data analysis involves understanding it well to know what value and meaning it can bring
  • Focus the analysis: be clear about what you want to evaluate and get from the data, what kind of questions you want to answer with the data
  • Group the information: this where the data is coded,labelled and categorized to common themes and ideas
  • Identify patterns within and between categories: sort and assemble data into larger categories show relationship between these relationships
  • Interpretation: try to understand what it means and what you learned from the data


Miles, M., & Huberman, A. (1994). Qualitative data analysis: An expanded sourcebook (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications.

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