EDU 510 Assessing Aptitude and NETS

Assessing Aptitude and Nets

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Assessing Aptitude and Nets

According to Ysseldyke(2007), technology-based educational strategies have increasingly become important in communicating a shared vision geared towards supporting a digital-age education for students in the United States of America. Increased internet connectivity to all households across United States is one of the major strategies that need to be embraced for purposes of communicating the country shared vision of supporting the digital-age. If e-learning is to be realized and achieved in the country, the strategy of effective and efficient internet connectivity should be encouraged and supported by the federal government. This is expected to promote student-centered learning that is adaptive and personalized. This strategy of digital learning is convenient to the leaners in very many aspects such as flexibility.

Another technology-based strategy used with aim of promoting digital education in the country is a legal move to digital content that provides a very huge domain from which learning resources can be obtained. This is critical and important in providing relevant online information that is current and reflects to current trends in the education system hence more helpful to the students.

According to Barkley(2008), ABC School District’s vocational educational program should include Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery assessment as part of their interest assessment protocols. This has the merit of giving the students a wide range of career choice from which to make decisions from. It captures student career interests, promotes strengths and qualification for those students with career prospects in military. It is considered as a part providing unique career exploration. Students get experience on careers hence increase their inherent human capital. This move will make the career selection and assessment for high school students inclusive such that it gives every student a chance to be the best. The process will also enhance competitiveness in selecting students to high school such that it is holistic. This initiative will make the process of selecting students to join high for higher education. It should therefore be embraced.


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