EDU 510 Assessment Preparation and the Purpose of Grades

Assessment Preparation and the Purpose of Grades

From the e-activity, it is clear that writing down all the feelings someone is experiencing can help them do better in class. This is just one of the methods that can be used to reduce anxiety, there are many other ways that teachers can use. The first being preparing the students well for the subject matter that they are taking. Students tend to be anxious because they are not that sure of the course they are taking. Preparing them in advance will equip them with the necessary skills to tackle each and every situation they are presented with and they will more so have a wider knowledge base. Preparation could include giving them revision materials which they can go through some days to the exam day. This will in some way affirm to them that what they have been doing will be tested in the exam.

The other best working technique is spreading the exam to grade across the time period of the course. This will give the student an opportunity to do better next time rather than just relying on a single paper. Anxiety on the side of student and the thought that they are going to fail will be eliminated as they are always assured of a next time. Eliminating anxiety as has been proved on the video makes the students perform better.

Johnny’s case is one of those students that need to do a task more than once on order to get the subject at hand. Such a student will need constant repetition for them to get what is being taught. This shows that not all students in a class have the same learning pace. As a teacher, I should formulate a strategy to take them all into account.

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