EDU 510 Assessment Project- Part 3

Assessment Project- Part 3




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Assessment Project- Part 3

All educators in district schools should employ technology in their schools which should serve as a tool of helping them meet the educational needs of the children. Technologies should be thought as key ingredients in making schools be able to address the main educational challenges, (Zhang, 2010). It helps teachers to be able to provide and organize structure for materials to children. Technology is a key factor that enables learning and teaching to run smoothly in schools whereby it enables the teachers, parents and children to interact smoothly at any given time and anywhere. The way that this technology has continue to grow in a rapid manner in schools, it has led to increased availability of computers and many students have been able to use and access the computers and use internet in their classes and the teachers have also been able to facilitate some of structural lessons by use of the computers. Technology has enabled the teachers in district schools to track the students’ data at their levels and be able to examine their performance and their learning styles.

It has been found that when it has been combined with the traditional mode of teaching, the use of computers can greatly increase the student learning in the traditional curriculum and in the area of basic skills. That integration has therefore led to a very academic achievement in different areas than the way traditional mode of giving instructions does alone since the students diverts all their attention to this mode of learning and thus being in a position to learn more quickly and with a greater retention while using computers. Their attitude is again changed positively when computers are used as a tool in teaching and learning.

Therefore the locally elected board of district schools should move past traditional modes of doing things and embrace more flexible tools and strategies. Instead of travelling from their homes to have their meetings in the school compound, they are recommended to hold their meetings by use of computers whereby every board member logs in the school details to their website and hence being able to discuss their issues. This helps in saving time and energy that could have been spend while travelling.

There are three new advances in computer and web technologies that would benefit the k-12 assessment. The first advance is that there are better standards provided by use of computers. It has been found that the Common Core State of Standards in various subjects such as English, Arts and Mathematics in which the 45 states have adopted have been found to have very and low standards per grade level. The continued use of technology has improved and modified them over time hence the national educational organizations and corporations have registered a distinct improvement over the prior standards,(Marvin, 2011). Secondly, the continued use of technology has made the tests better. There has been an advance in the assessment development and the scoring methodologies. The end of the year assessment has been developed in order to be used for accountability decisions. The most important thing is that they are also creating aligned and optional formative assessments, interim assessment and other types of tools that monitor the progress, in order for the teachers to use to be able to fill the gap of the student understanding. When the assessment tests are delivered on computer devices the results that are produced are usually prompt and excellent as compared to the existing state assessments. The online reporting systems makes the results more readily available and very useful to the teachers, parents, students and even to principals. The third advance is that going digital opens new doors. It has been found that this shift to online testing is propelling public schools to install the technology infrastructure that is necessary and the one that will be available for instruction. Even when the students are outside the school, they have been able to access digital resources through their own computers and even their cell phones than they have even been able to do when present in their schools. The students have also been able to access their libraries and their learning materials such as books through online means.

This renovation of the schools becoming and going digital might be practical for the district to implement in the near future. The massive shift in the district schools from the analogue or print to digital mode of learning is being seen as inevitable and is greatly admirable by the technology circles. This is evident that in the years to come, the print mode will have been done away with and every person will be focusing on the use of digital learning which is more flexible and of so many advantages. The United States Education department is designed to set out a roadmap to achieve that success and also to commit the districts to move as quickly as possible towards a shared vision of preparing students for success in college, citizenship and even in careers at large. Since the world we are in today is very competitive, every district is on heels to emerge the best in terms of being the best in digital learning. It is found that in the process of competing to come out the best, the schools are able to use all the techniques of employing the best learning materials and shifting from the analog modes of teaching and learning to the digital ones.

The schools greatly engage their students in research experiences that are authentic hence allowing the students to participate in the virtual exchange program with different schools across different countries. When the schools become digital this makes the students to be able to use their own iPads and be able to access some sort of entertainment like music in future. It will also be so easy for the students to carry their tablets from class to class to access textbooks and other course materials as needed. This will bring a lot of change in future and hence make learning and teaching more excellent and fabulous. Currently, there is a powerful push-pull factor in schooling. The push factor is that the school is boring to students at teachers. The pull factor is that this digital world is becoming irresistible and productive in its raw form. In the years to come, it will happen that classes are being conducted in a digital manner and it will be senseless for students to attend classes. Instead they will just be having discussions online.

There is a strategic manner in which training needs analysis for teachers should be conducted. The enhancement in teacher service training is a strategic priority in national, economic and social development. Different strategic documents create emphasize on how teaching skills should be and how teachers should carry out their teaching as required by the education institute. The competencies that teachers acquire in their training institutions are seen as insufficient due to a lot of challenges that awaits them. They should therefore acquire additional knowledge and skills to enable particularly in areas of psychology methods of teaching and assessment of learning outcomes. Training should be strategic in that it is designed to improve the knowledge, abilities and skills of the teachers so that in turn they may be able to attain the organization’s strategic plan. Therefore unless the teachers understand the organization’s dreams and goals, effective training cannot be designed.

The teachers should be informed about the classroom proceeding and procedures, rules and the methods of classroom management. They should also be informed when the special needs students are absent in order to be able to adjust their schedules. The teachers should also be trained in a way that apart from teaching, they can also be able to participate in the extra-curricular activities such as games, music and athletics in order to nurture talents present in students. Teachers should be guided in a way that they collaborate with the students in order to construct learning goals using clear student friendly language. Both students and teachers should be very interactive in order to create a good and conducive learning environment.


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