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Evaluating Published Assessments and NET

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Evaluating Published Assessments and NET

The National Educational Technology (NET) are a group of standards which have been set to ensure that K-12 education students get effective learning with the growth of the digital society . According to with the Net, students can learn using the internet meaning that unwanted information can be filtered by the students themselves. One strategy to meet the standard requirements is to allow students to be creative and innovative. Out of this students can make models and simulations which they can use to make complex decisions. The second strategy is to expose students to critical thinking which will make them part of the decision making. With the strategies, some schools have managed to improve in performance. In other schools, there are reduced strikes in schools.

Teachers and students are striking against testing. To some percentage, the standardized testing is good because it gives the teachers a chance to learn what they have been taught throughout the period. Again, it opens up a chance for student competition. So the resistance happening is ill advised. On the other, the resistance is important because the students are not supposed to be tested while they can administer relevant teaching to the students. Further, the students should not be tested as it drains them and undermines education.


Roblyer, M. (2000). The National Educational Technology Standards (NETS).A Review of Definitions,Implications and strategies for Intergrating K-12 Curicullum. Journal of Istructional Media, 27 (2).

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