Emotiv Case study questions BBM 406


Emotiv aims at getting a share in the gaming market. Despite the potential opportunities existing in other markets like in the medical and the military, the company is focused on the gaming field since the area continues to grow every other time. The medical field is sensitive and has many regulations. Therefore, investing in it will be costly to the company. Also, the military market is sensitive and risky. It puts lives into risks. The fields require an alteration of the technology used in the company and the development of new programs, which will be costly to the company. Therefore, after analysing the alternative markets, it is more favourable for Emotiv to keep its focus on gaming. This field presents more opportunities for the company to grow. All it needs is to collaborate with the right players like in the gaming industry like Sony and Microsoft so that it can scale up the heights of the gaming industry.

  1. Do any of the non-gaming applications for Emotiv’s technology seem like better alternatives to gaming?

The BCI technology as presented by Le and Do is a brilliant idea that will help to create many solutions to the world and the present technology. However, it is a tedious exercise identifying the starting point for the implementation of the technology. The technology also needs to establish accuracy and that it can be applicable universally. Accuracy of the technology is the main selling point. It will need a great amount of knowledge and time to get people to understand how the technology is applicable to their daily activities. Therefore, the turnover rate may be slow causing them to incur losses for the investments done to the project.The company should also consider a more efficient gadget that can be used instead of headsets. The idea may seem unrealistic in the short run but I think it is an achievable goal if given enough time to be implemented.

  1. What do you think about Leand Do’s long-term vision for BCI technology?

The use of 4Ps marketing strategy by Emotiv will contribute greatly towards the success of the company in gaining entry into new markets. The 4Ps are the product, place promotion and price.The company can convince console makers by presenting its EPOC product which is able to transmit signals read from the human brain to a computer with being connected with a cord.The company can also sell its product suing established retail outlets like the Best Buy and Fry’s. The company can also give its products to popular and professional gamers to use them so that they can cause influence among their aid followers. This move will increase the sales. Also, through promotions, the Emotiv can increase the popularity of their product, EPOC. Price is also another aspect that Emotiv should use to increase its customer base. If the prices are placed higher than the already established gaming platforms, it will not able to compete in the gaming market.

  1. If Emotiv manages to convince one of the console makers in time for fall 2008 debut, what marketing strategy (in terms of price, channel, consumer promotions, etc.) would best facilitate rapid adoption?

EPOC technology is an innovative product that can quickly gain market if it is made to operate on the PC platforms. All the company needs is to ensure that the product is accessible and can be executed using PCs. Considering that seeking to be accepted by the console makers may lead to other extra costs, Emotiv should not seek to convince these companies. The focus should be on creating innovative and quality products that can help it gain access to the market independently. This gain will in return cause to be considered by the console makers once the product is established.Based on the various researches conducted, it is evident that Emotiv will make more profits by using the PC platform, which is accessible to many gamers than the console and retailers in the US.

  1. Should Emotiv keep trying to convince major console makers to endorse its technology as part of their platform or is just being PC enabled sufficient for the launch?

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