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Motivated Success


ENG 121 English Compositions 1



Motivated Success 1

Not usually but often enough we see the same case scenario, people making it to college and then dropping out within the first year. Why do you think that this kind of thing happens? How many people do you know that have went to college and can honestly say that they are still working in general to graduate? Personally, there are not many people that I know who have graduated from a college which is why we see most people going back to school after so many years.

There can be many reasons why a person does not finish school the first time around. May it be because of money issues, their interest were elsewhere at the time, a change in career directed their focus elsewhere, but whatever that may be it happens more than we would like to think. I just so happen to fall into this category of people going back to school after I had been once before but never finished. Throughout this essay I will inform readers on why I am returning back to school, my purpose behind it all, obstacles that have gotten in my way because I am returning and my ambitions that drove me to even consider going back to school.

There are many reasons that I am going back to school. One main reason that I am going back to school is because I needed to further my education in order to receive an Associate’s degree in early childhood development. By pursuing to earn this degree I will be that much closer in achieving my long term goal of becoming a day care owner. When I complete this long term goal I will be able to give back to my community where the people in the community can receive employment close to home. I can also service my community with a caring and loving day care that offers what most day care centers in the community does not. For example, I can provide free day care service in the month of December to help the mothers out with the Christmas season in efforts to spread a little holiday cheer. I have yet to witness these doings in any other day care that I have been to over the years. I know that this is possible because I am

Motivated Success 2

Currently running a small child care development center in my home so I have already experienced these activities first hand. This is a big difference in how I would be different from the other day care owners and services in my community. Now you know exactly why I am going back to school and my ambitions behind it.

No one person has anything handed to them when trying to better themselves. There are many things that go wrong and people that knock you off your course. I for one have not had it easy since I decided to go back to school. I was laid off my job after 14 years and had no income and lost my home. I had two children looking at me, I knew I had to do something and it had to be fast. So I took a job that I didn’t like but it paid the bills and put a roof over my children and my head. We had a home again and we were happy once again and it was time for me to force on education. What I mean by force on education is going back to school and getting my degree so I can move forward with my life. And become a success story for my children to tell there children and there children and grandchildren. am always telling my children to stay in school and get there degree but I didn’t have one hanging on my wall and I had two daughters in college at the time I returned to school and I would be getting my degree the same time as my daughters that would make me feel so good inside so I had to do this for them as well as my self and I have two sons in school I want them to go far and said to my self how can I tell them do something that I had not so I did it for my self but most of all my children I want them to now its never to late and you can achieve it if you want it and I wanted it so am achieving at this point of my life I want a better life for my grand children and my children. My mother only had an 8th grand education and I wanted better for me. My father only had a 6hth grand education and they didn’t have the opposite we have today and am going to take advantage of that and make sure my children do the

Motivated Success 3

Same so going back to school was a big deal for me and my family that’s why I went back and going to make the best of it. I want my children to follow in my foot steps and be successful and never give up and to know that it’s never too late to return to school. and I also want them to know we fall down but we can get up again you must want it in your heart mind and body no matter what the obstacles my come your way.

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