ENG 121 week 3 assignment Compare and Contrast Verse College

Compare and Contrast Verse College

The rules in college are so different then in high school in college you could bring a pop or chew gum in class but in high school you will be sent to the principal office in college the teacher felt like you was more responsibility in high school the student was not responsibility at this point. It always was a class clown that made every one laugh out they will hold conversations when the teacher was trying to teach with each other students was not thinking that about the future of the education in college the instructor had the student undivided attention because they where to better their lives and education.

In college everybody was grew and could say almost anything they want to say with no complains but in high school if a teacher said something to a student they had to answer to the principal or maybe the parent of that child and it could get real ugly and cause some big problems with that teacher I means curse words or name calling or teasing a student in college the student and instructor was to grown up for this kind of mess.

In high school you would find that student felt to sleep more in class than in college student had to came out there pockets to pay for college some time they didn’t come there to sleep they came to get education and to learn so they could better there life style they had more to lose than a high school student in college if you missed out on class work it was like you had been out of school for a week in high school you could call a friend that was in class that day and get all you miss and you would be find the next day but not a college student.

The material in college is much header then in high school you could play around in high school but in college you had to be ready and responsibility college home work was more detail then in high school you may have one paper to turn in but college you may have 10 pages to turn in the next day in high school you had a week for one assignment.

Both high school and college are very important if you what to achieve something out of life that’s your decision to make but in the education processes you can’t get a good paying job without a well developed education not in this world. Your diploma is your first step to a better life to receive that college degree is the next step to a better life and life style with a developed education you can live any life style you wish.

High school and college carry some of the same not all but some of the same features and also some different the students are different, the teachers are different, instructors are different, responsibilities, the work load is very different you get more in college in high school you get less in college because you should be a responsibility adult at this time in your life.

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