ENG 121 week 4 assignment Compare and Contrast High School Verse College


Compare and Contrast High School Verse College


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English 121English Compositions 1


Compare and Contrast High School Verse College

A good education is an important part of one’s life if that’s what ones choose to achieve in life. To achieve a good education you must be force and should attend both high school and college classes every day. high school and college is so different the teacher is different from the instructor the instructor feel like if you choose to attend college they is not going to be your baby sitter you are there to achieve

Something then that’s what you need to do they will give you an assignment and it’s up to you to get the job done. When you attend college you should be ready to achieve your education goals. College home work is 10 to 15 pages long you must read in one night. in high school the teacher is like a mother finger and father finger they are more stricter on you because they are trying to prepare you for the college life it’s a big step in life and you must be ready to achieve that education goal and they try hard to get you ready for that but it’s up to you to take the next step the teacher will be more understanding about the dog ate the homework paper the instructors don’t want to hear that and do not care the teacher will give you another changes.

When I enrolled into college I realized that are many different between the attitude and the responsibilities of the instructor and students the way they carry them self and it’s a different atmosphere the college was big you had to go to different building to get to the next class and it was so many more people in the college life than in high school when you was late in high school you had to go to the office in college you just miss out on some important informant and the instructor was not going to stop in the middle of he’s or hers lecture for no one but the teacher will see you after class.

High school was fun me and my friends could sip a class or two and it would be ok but in classes you miss a class it’s like you miss out on a whole week of class and it is so hard to catch up on any missed work in college you have to hold a 3.00gpa to stay in college if not you will be kick out of school for some time you have to write letters to the dean telling why you think you should be able to attend school land it had to be 500 words or better in high school you just had to repeat that class you had to have a 2.00gpa in high school and you need to take certain classes like guy and English and math was a must to get an high school diploma.

When you’re in high school you’re not looking at the big picture your future and what it holds for you it’s fun friends and laughs and that’s all good if you are an A student and attend school every day but most of us was not an A Student and did not attend school every day so we really didn’t have time to play we just didn’t know that at the time when we was called to the office in the 12th grade and was told we need gym and math cause we fell that class in the 9th grade and we have two weeks before graduate we will not be graduate with our friend that hurter and it was nothing you could do about it in high school the teacher try heard to help you out they will jump ropes for you but in college you can forget it that don’t have time for the child relish games and will tell you that in a heartbeat this is your life they have a life and that was some heard roads but you did it to yourself so now we have to get series and do what we need to do to achieve our education goals for our self and live our friends along and for these that was not on the same page we have to give them the boot and move on in life cause this is my life and no one can change it but me.

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