ENG 122 Topic Addressing the Issue of Childhood Obesityt

Topic Addressing the Issue of Childhood Obesity

There was a time children spent most of their time was spent outside there was no big screen or flat screen TV and the media plays a big part in childhood obesity with the unhealthy food commercial the ads tout high fat foods and unhealthy foods.

We didn’t have house phones so there was no need to sit around and waste countless hours on the phone eating and letting time blow by.

In the past children stayed active there weren’t many alternatives like there are in this new technology based world we had no computers, lap tops, smart phones, ECT. During most of children free time as a kid I recall playing games like jacks, hide and seek, kick ball road my bike almost any and everywhere I needed or wanted to go.

Parents today are so afraid with crime rates hitting the roof in the past five-ten years it’s simply not safe for our children to be outside so much as changed our children stay in more and with all, the new device they have today there is no need to leave pass our front door.

Our children sit at the computer eating, texting, on the phone for a number of hours per day these hand help devices are helping make young children obesity in 2007 the national Youth Risk Behavior Survey done by the Department of Health and Human Services, Center for Disease Control and Prevention,WWW.CDC.GOV/HEALTHYOUTH/NUTRITION/FACTS.HT found that 25%of high school children played video games use computers for networking not school related for 3to 4 hours a day as forTV,35% watched 3 or more hours a day this has been found to contribute to poor eating habit all these tools of convenience leads to little or no physical activity and lots of unhealthy snaking studies like those done at Stanford Prevention Research Center.

TV watching was found to lower children metabolic rates.WWW,CDC.GOV/HEALTHYYOUTH/YRBS/PDF/US%OBESITY-COMBO.PDK(ACCESSED JUL 19,2010).

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