Enviromental Biology

1. Which of the following is a falssssssse statement. Check all the apply

1. The Endangered Species Act limits the transport of listed species

2. One of the problems with the Endangered Species Act and CITES is the lack of funding and resources to adequately enforce the law

3. Some criticize the Endangered Species Act because there are far more species that are at risk of extinction that are actually listed on the endangered species list?

4. The Endangered Species Act only protects species and does not consider the critical habitat of that species

5. One of the drawback of CITES is that is cannot control the black market trade of animals and plants and countries that are not signatories

2. Which of the following is the false statement: Select all that apply

1. K-selected species have a great ability to compete in stable ecosystems

2. K-selected species tend to be generalists

3. K-selected species are more vulnerable to rapid changes in the environment

4. R-selective species tend to be opportunist

5. R-selective species have higher birth rates .

3. Which of the following has not been a major impact in population growth rates for humans.

1. Bubonic plague or Black Death

2. Medical technology advances

3. Industrial Revolution

4. Agricultural revolution

5. Al of the above had a major impact on growth rates

4. Which of the following is not a density-independent factor which influences population size?

1 diseases –



4. floods

5. typhoon

5. Which of the following substances mixes with air and water to form acid rain?

1. Ozone and CO2

2. SNO3 and HNO3

3. CO2 and NO2

4. SO2 and NO2

5. None of the above

6. Smog in Los Angeles contains tropospheric ozone?

=True or False

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