Ethnography Field Research

Ethnography Field Research

Focus on the role of observation utilized in this study. Also consider the dangers involved of collecting data in the natural setting. Could the researchers also benefit from using existing data in the form of agency records or official statistics? Why or why not?

Yes, the researchers would be benefiting from using the existing agency data that is important at understanding the aspects of behavior recorded within the organization. Research is done based on preexisting and future findings that helps in understanding the viewpoints of an idea studied in social science. For this case, the research is aimed at understanding the deviant cultures within institutions. Ethnographic strategies according to the article have improved varied and imaginative as the concepts researched in any paper. Existing data assist in understanding the experiences of an organization and studying the projected trends in the observed deviant behaviors.

Existing data assist in disclosing the existing techniques that the ethnographers would like to study in the research process. Through the study of the company existing data, the researchers are in a position to formulate the projected data based on the essential appropriate observation on company working culture forms.  The data is central to the earliest formulation of research project and title (Winlow,  & Stuart pg. 539).

Identify the method of observation used in this study and why it was used. Comment on whether it was effective. Explain your reasons.

Natural observation: in social science, natural observation is also known as the unstructured observation which involves the spontaneous behavior of participants in their natural settings.  In the process the researches records whatever they can see in whatever way they can. The research team in this study chooses to carry out the task of studying the environments of the bouncers and look at the culture created around violent actions. The study was to carry out covert ethnography in the dangerous setting of the bar and the working doors. Getting in part one and two reveal the characters of those who would be working as doormen. The research noted fighting and recognition of potential violent in the bar.  The study of the night club violence is based on natural observation of the individual security behaviors.

What are some of the challenges faced by the researchers in this study? How did they address them? Were they successful? Explain your answer.

The challenges faced by the researcher in this study is that the men that were studied among the bouncers and customers possessed cultural capital the potency that was identified as hard to grasp from the enacted environment. Another challenge was the grumbling nature of the customers and the bouncers. This makes the observation paralyzed and due to violence in the club most cases the environment could not allow proper interaction and analysis. Another challenge was the wider cultural milieu in which new recruits had to go through the same process thus delayed the process. Everyone in the club had diverse idea thus it was difficult to conduct covert research and be entirely truthful with everyone met in the process (Winlow,  & Stuart pg. 537). The choices of research were also challenging decisions which posed challenges in the fieldwork. Some people lie in the response to questions and bouncers are not exceptional thus affected the quality of truthful finding.


Simon winlow, Dick Hobbs, Stuart Lister. “Method of Observation.” Bouncers and Realities of Ethnographic Research on Violence Groups 2001: 536-548.

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