Essentials of Management Information Systems

Essentials of Management Information Systems

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Outline which type of collaboration technology you recommend for your project and how it will be implemented. Your goal is to enhance an internal (employee) or external (customer) facing business experience in a way that will increase or facilitate business.

Many firms are using collaboration software programs that enable them to be more productive and improve on their performance. There are various types of collaboration technology which include communication, conferencing and coordination. Conferencing is a group software tools that consist of real time collaboration of project members who are presented with a unified view screen (Schwalbe, 2015). The conferencing tools enable employees to be more interactive thus enabling them to reach a common goal. For example; online chatting, video conferencing and internet forums. On the other hand, communication is the early collaboration software applications such as emails, voice mails and websites that are mainly purposed for communication. The communication tools allow people within or outside an organization to send information and data in the company. It also facilitates proper flow of information within the firm. In addition, coordination tools allow for more interdependent work within a firm so as to maintain the organization culture. The manage workgroups and teams and allow them to work efficiently and effectively. They include project management systems, online calendars and work flows systems.

I would recommend coordination tools for my project since the cultivate a better organization culture which allows the firm to perform effectively. Coordination tools also allows each member of the organization to be responsible since they have shared goals and objectives.

Describe available e-commerce techniques and your techniques selection to be applied to your project.

Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services over the Internet (O’Brien, 2013). When a person buys goods and service online he or she can pay using credit cards, electronic cash or cheque. The firms that sell their goods and services online are known as web stores. Businesses can use the following e-commerce techniques to sell their products through the internet:

Sell the product and services online

Many people spend most of their time in the internet such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and other sites. Businesses can use this to their advantage and advertise their goods and services on those pages. A lot of people prefer to shop online since there are a variety of products and many suppliers too. One can do an online survey and choose the best product with the cheapest price. Many retailers have not yet adopted to selling their products and services online thus if a firm has an online platform where it sells its goods and services then there will be many customers to buy those products.

Make social sharing a core component of the company’s marketing efforts

A firm should advertise its goods and products on social media where most people spend most of their time. the individuals on social media assist the company by talking about the firm’s products thus attracting more people to view those products. Most of the people also trust goods and services referred to them by their friends. Through this technique the firm can attract very many buyers.

Create a shopping experience that is optimized for any device

A company can create a mobile optimized shopping experience such as; Big images, easy-to-tap buttons, and seamless mobile loading need to be part of the firm’s e-commerce marketing power (O’Brien, 2013). This is because most people prefer mobile shopping and this will make their shopping easier. The firm can also allow mobile payment method so as to attract more customers.

I would recommend social media marketing for my project since it is cheap and the fir will not have to pay for a website. Many people are also on social media thus the goods and services will reach a wide variety of people. the firm can also read the customers reviews online and thus make necessary adjustments in order to fit the consumer’s specifications.


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