Ethical breach relationships

Ethical breach relationships





Ethical breach relationships

Based on the persona’s last name starting letter which is R, it belongs to unethical breach category. Unethical breach is the opposite of ethical breach which occurs when one in a community makes a decision that influence other to make similar decisions (Sezer et al., 2015). In this case regarding to Joe and Bill, their relationship can be described as ethical although the first letter contradicts and it should be argued in an unethical perspective.

To answer the question, Joe-Bill relationship meets conflict of interest is Yes as per the definition of it. Conflict interest is a situation when a person develops a competitive interest or relationships that are competing with each other. Joe is the one who seems to develop this much interest in Bill to boost his business. He also uses Bill to do business with Bill’s friends who own hotels. Joe has established a great working relationship with Bill to an extend of Bill surprising him with a cabernet of nice bottles of wine (Sezer et al., 2015). The relationship between them is strong to an extend that Joe is showing a conflict of interest.

Bill’s gift can be a form of bribery although it is not clearly proven. Bill might be attracting Joe’s attention at first, then at a later stage he uses the opportunity of their relationship. On the other side, he might not be bribing Joe, maybe Bill has a friendly nature. Bill might have seen a good friendship between him and Joe. Bribery and a duty to fairness theory supports this view as it is considered an unethical behavior. According to Sezer et al (2015), if Bill is targeting to bribe Joe with the gifts together with the acceptance of his tender to Bill’s hotel, then Bill violates this theory and he is considered unethical person and if he has no intention of bribery then he obeys the theory.

Other unethical issues

Another issue that can be seen is when Joe is conducting his business in Bill’s hotel which has become a norm to them. With the same relationship, Joe is fond of joining Bill’s family whenever they are going for a social event. This is not an unethical behavior but Joe staying with his family in Bill’s hotel several times seems unethical. The main aim of the hotel is the business and their relationship can overpower it (Sezer et al., 2015). To conclude, Joe and Bill have developed a strong relationship which is possible to influence either of them to conduct an unethical behavior especially Joe who supplies uniform to Bill’s hotel.


Sezer, O., Gino, F., & Bazerman, M. H. (2015). Ethical blind spots: Explaining unintentional unethical behavior. Current Opinion in Psychology6, 77-81.

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