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The Texas Senate Bill 11, which was also called Campus Law, allows anyone above 21 years of age and 18 years for military members to carry a concealed handgun to the college premises provided they are licensed.One ought to pass a course and training on handgun handling. Convicted felons, those charged with serious crimes and people with a history of mental disorder may face restrictions. Colleges do have some restricted areas, and varies from one college to the other depending on the college laws. The law allows students to carry concealed handguns so that they can defend and protect themselves in this era of mass shooting.

I think in general, that it is a good idea because the handguns are always concealed and one has to be licensed in order to carry one. On the other hand one has to be at least 21 years and above to have a concealed handgun license, meaning that it is only responsible adults that are allowed to carry handgun. Carrying a handgun makes one feel safe and makes them feel that they are in control of their safety and thus can defend themselves as well as others. Students do have rights like everyone else and so they should be able to have their Second Amendment rights even though they arewhich allows them to posses and carry concealed hand arms.

Yes, this law makes our campus safer because bad guys or lawbreakers are less likely to commit crime if they are aware students, teachers and non-teaching staff are armed and are always prepared to take action against them. The faculty members and students are in a position to prevent or thwart mass shooting in the event that the police are over powered or they arrive late. College police can’t be everywhere, when there is an active shooter, a faculty member or a student with a concealed gun can intercede and help save lives. Weapons have nothing to do with learning; because, it does not distract students but it makes them to focus more, as they are not worrying about their safety and since the handguns concealed, as is required by the law, no one will even know it’s there or get intimidated.

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