Executive summary

Table of Content

Executive Summary


Strategic Management Process

Cloudbiznet Solutions’ Goal


Strategy Formulation, Implementation and Evaluation

Role Of Ethics And Corporate Social Responsibility In Strategic Planning

Environmental Scanning Strategy

Cloudbiznet Solutions’ External Environment

Forces Most Important In Driving Competition

Cloudbiznet Solutions Industry Operating Environment

Internal Environment Analysis

Most Important Internal Environmental Factors

Competitor Analysis

Organizational Structure And Its Effects On Performance

Cloudbiznet Competitive Position

Strategic Evaluation

Potential Business Level Strategies for Cloudbiznet Solutions

Corporate Level Strategies for Cloudbiznet Solutions

Potential Global Strategies for Cloudbiznet Solutions.

Strategy Recommendations for Cloudbiznet Solutions

Implementation Plan

Functional Tactics

Action Items

Milestones and Deadlines

Tasks, task Ownership and Resource Allocation.

Cloudbiznet Change Management Strategies

Success Factors, Budget and Forecasted Financials

Risk Management Plan and Contingency Plan

Executive Summary

Cloudbiznet Solutions is a company we wish to establish. The company will be offering cloud computing services which include cloud storage, backup and disaster recovery, virtualization, voice over Internet protocol, web-hosting, mailing services and streaming services. The start of the company is motivated by the fact that cloud computing is the way to go for companies due to its many advantages. The market is still wide. There are also a few cloud services provider companies. Some of the advantages of embracing cloud services are: cost effectiveness, work flexibility, scalability, back up, disaster recovery, ease of accessing services and companies no longer need to hire sophisticated IT personnel or have large expensive servers within there premises. Cloud computing concept has been there for a while but most people had not understood its benefits. Now, the concept had sank into many and it is the trending technology for most businesses.

In order to establish a company, we must have clear goals and objectives and a strategic plan. These entails looking at what we want to achieve, what we want to do and how we are going to accomplish them. Our goal is to make profits from the business. Our mission is to ensure that customer is put first and is satisfied with every service we offer. The vision, therefore, is to become the worlds leading company is customer service and customer satisfaction.

As mentioned earlier, there are already existing cloud service providers. This means that there will be competition. In order for us to on-board and retain clients, we have come up with strategies that will help us realize this and achieve our goals. Our research showed that most customers suffer greatly because they do not get the support they need. This is why we have taken upon ourselves to value our customers needs. We will achieve this through an excellent team of expertise who will work on a 24/7-hour shifts. We have arranged for frequent trainings on our services and also put in place motivational and innovation strategies.

There are also a lot of factors that we will need to put into consideration that will affect business operations. These are classified into internal and external factors. Internal factors are within the company, for example, resources, strategic position plan, networks and company reputation. External factors include: government regulations, external social life, political factors, competitors and technological changes. We will have to undergo both internal and external environment analysis in order to determine our industrial position, strengths and weaknesses. These will enable us to plan ourselves well to know what to do and what not to do, make adjustments where necessary and to evaluate our processes in working towards our goals. Industrial analysis will enable us to understand our competitors and to be able to take advantage of opportunities in order to achieve objectives.

The success of our company will be defined by many factors, some of which include: the annual profits, number of new customers per year, customer retention, employee retention and company reputation. These can only be achieved by acting on well-defined goals and objectives, functional tactics, action items and the set deadlines and milestones. We will also have analyzed risks and put in place mitigation measures as well as contingency plan to deal with the same. We did our budget and have put into consideration all that we need to get the company started.

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