Explain the Public Policy Lifecycle utilizing a public policy you have become familiar with

Discussion 2

Explain the Public Policy Lifecycle utilizing a public policy you have become familiar with. Discuss how the importance of developing a viable Policy Adoption and what policy makers need to consider when adopting new or amending existing policies.

Adopting and using a public policy is normally a complex procedure since it involves several government officials and states that needs to go through it and verify so that they can be a position to be implemented. The local policy makers, the state and federal government should endorse whatever the state has made. The Federal government normally doesn’t have an influence on whatever that will be in place. One state can decide to make their own rues as it benefits them and the other can choose differently according to their orientation.

Developing a viable policy is always very important and crucial when handling policies that are meant to make the livelihood of the people they are being implemented on better. Having a clear viable policy will make their implementation and even adoption by the people smooth and at par with the requirements that people always need. Adopting new policies need to consider the benefit that the people will get at the end of it all. Amending the ones that area already in place should be geared towards what the people feel should be included and how it will enhance the livelihood of the people. No policy should make the people slaves of their own country. It should consider the free will that the people have and always have laws that give it to them.


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