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Defining the Process



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Defining the Process

Quotations is where someone lifts a small passage from a bigger source document. Quotations can be used when making a speech but one must ensure that they are identical to how they appear in the original document; word for word and the original author is acknowledged . Paraphrasing is when a passage is taken from a source document and condensed a bit and put in the words of another person other than the author. Just like it is with quotations the original author must be recognized and acknowledged. Summarizing is where one only picks the main points from a source document and puts them in his words. It is a short overview of a source document that only highlights the most important points. Researchers are required to provide in-text citation and a reference page entry this is the show and separate the ideas and thoughts of the writer and those that have been borrowed from other sources. Referencing electronic material is difficult because scholars haven’t settled a single way of doing it and different websites have different ways they want their materials referenced. To ensure that one gets it right you should find what the manual says and also check on a specific websites for the discipline you are citing.

Academic search premier, business source premier and Philosopher’s Index are some of the databases of the EBSCO library but interestingly all the databases are searched using the same databases. What one must be clear about is to know the databases that is most relevant to one’s are of interest.

Some of the ways that help in curbing plagiarism is to clearly explain what it means and its implications. If students understood that plagiarism not only devalues someone but also the degree or the certificate they are working towards would make some to think twice. Universities also need to develop policies that explain to students how cite sources and use material that has been written by someone else. There is also need to design assignment in such a way that they encourage students to explore and unearth some detailed information that will be an addition to the body of knowledge. Educators might also consider helping students to along the way, step by step in the process of doing their assignments and how to get information. Lastly, teach use students to put emphasis on reading and sources of information. Using a variety of sources such as survey, observations and interviews can help a student in information gathering and analyzing to develop unique papers.

Writing is a decision making process because every you put must be thought through to select the best idea out a multitude of ideas crowding one’s head at any given time. It involves a number of many tiny decisions that must be made before a document can be ready for someone to read and understand your line of thinking. This decisions include what topic to write about, how to frame your thoughts by the choice of words you settle on. To convince anyone to agree with your line of thinking isn’t an easy thing but if I was tasked to persuade someone to support a new school initiative I will first work on building a connection. I believe it is easier to convince someone if you have some common ground and mutual interests. The choice would be to know what to say and at what point to say it.

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