EDU-508 Research Paper Part 1-The Foundation

Research Paper Part 1-The Foundation

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EDU-508 Educational Research Methods

Research Paper part 1-The Foundation

We are living in a dynamic world and a lot of changes have taken root and especially in the area of technology. Today the use technology in high schools has taken root and various impacts have been portrayed in the performance of students with regards to technology. In this research, I will cover various impacts that have been observed in academic performance of students in high school. First, there has been introduction of projectors and computers which aid in the learning of students. Projectors help the teachers to display what they are teaching and give a students a better understanding of what is being taught. Computers has greatly helped the students since they can easily conduct further research on what has been taught and hence improve their performance. Secondly, the use of the GSP in Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test helped improve the students’ score in mathematics. Students taught using GSP performed better than those who were taught using traditional methods. Also, the research will put more emphasis on the use and integration of technology into elementary curriculum to influence the students’ performance positively. This will be achieved by encouraging teachers to use the components of technology in instructing rather than using in administration. Lastly, the research will also cover the effectiveness of the technological equipment in improving the mathematics scores in grades 3. 4. 5 and 6.

The purpose of the study is to help improve academic performance among students in public education. The study aims at addressing issues concerning delivery of teachers using the technological initiation to improve the performance of the students. Research has proven that most teachers use the technology provided to them as administrative resources rather than using theme as instructional media in the schools. Hence the research encourages the teachers to use these resources provided to them in instructing the learners to better their performance. The study also examines the effectiveness of the LCDs, Projectors and Whiteboard in the improvement of the mathematic scores in grade 3, 4, 5 and 6.The research also puts across the effects of the use of technology on the achievement of students in mathematics, particularly on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) mathematics results. This investigates what impact the use of the GSP has on mathematics scores of students in High school. Lastly, the study will investigate the effects of technology initiatives on the academic achievement of students. That is how the implementation of technology in public education will improve the academic performance of the students.

.The problem statement of this research describes that while students, teachers, and parents agree on the potential of technology to make substantial improvements in education, it has not been fully integrated into the learning process, and that thirty percent of teachers in grades four through twelve use technology for administrative tasks or do not use technology at all. This means that the resources are not used appropriately to achieve success in the performance of the students. Also, with the ever-changing digital society of the 21st century requires that today’s educators must continue to research the impact of technology integration on student achievement. The research on impact of technology among high school students should not come to a halt at any given point since the world is dynamic and new technology keeps on being introduced and therefore research should keep on to be updated. There is also need increase the achievement of 10th grade geometry students, there was need to carry out a research on the effectiveness of the GSP. This will help solve the issue of the traditional methods used in the mathematics test.

A lot of research has been conducted by many scholars in regards to the impact of technology among high school students within the past decades. The scholars showed the benefits that the technological programs had in the achievement of the students. In exploring the use and integration of technology into the elementary curriculum and to explore the influence of technology on student success, much has been said about the impact of student learning with the integration of new technology. With regard to the impact of equipping classrooms with components of technology on student achievement in mathematics in grades 3, 4, 5, and 6 as measured by the Measure of Academic Performance (MAP) in the Turner School District, educators have done research on the integration of technology into public school classrooms in the 21st century. Also many scholars have engaged in studies of the effects that technology has brought into the classroom. It is evident from the past studies, most scholars lean on what the technology is going to add to the students or affect the students in terms of achievement.

However, despite many researches being done on the impact of technology among high schools, various information has been left out by the educators. Such gaps include the impact of the programs on teaching and learning. Many programs have been introduced to aid in the learning but, the scholars have left out the impact that the programs have on teaching and learning. Also, in the event of studying the use and integration of technology into the elementary curriculum, researchers have overlooked the ability of classroom teachers to use technology in in delivery of classroom content and instruction. Nothing has been said about how well the tutors and instructors can make use of the technology as their instructional media. The aspect of the effectiveness of instructional technology on student achievement for debate has been undermined in studying the impact of equipping the classrooms with components of technology. Also, researchers in this field have left out measuring the impact of the interactive whiteboard, document cameras, LCD projectors, or classroom response systems.

Public education has evolved because of technology in the sense that most of the people have now been educated in terms of technology since the internet has become a household entity among people. Today, getting information is much simpler due to many platforms such as WhatsApp groups, websites, skype, television and radio. Strategies that teachers are using to improve students motivation and learning today is the practicability of various courses whereby they not only teach theoretical framework but also engage learners in actual deeds such as farming activities. The role of teachers is changing due to technology in the sense that they are merely becoming instruments of emphasizing and not teaching since everything is on the internet today. The effect of use of GSP has helped in improving the general performance of students. The perception of teachers today is that their work is threatened since new technology upon being embraced does equally what they do. Teachers feel that with the incorporation of technology by students and further their contribution, students are going to become fully-baked. The impact of interactive board, LCD projectors and classroom response system on students in terms of mathematics is that they will improve the rate of grasping new ideas.

The proposed theory for this project will be social cognitive theory which is used in the field of psychology, education, and communication. The theory posits that portions of an individual’s knowledge acquisition can be directly related to observing others within the context of social interactions, experiences, and outside media influences (Ronald & G. F., 2011). The theory states that when people observe a model performing a behavior and the consequences of that behavior, they remember the sequence of events and use this information to guide subsequent behaviors. Observing a model can also prompt the viewer to engage in behavior they already learned. In this context, students will be in a position to acquire more information with the use of the mentioned learning aids and improve in performance. This would not be the obvious case if the LCD projectors, interactive white boards were not provided.


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