Forces for Change Forces for Change

Forces for Change

An example of an organization that undertook the major organizational changes is coca cola where it divided the North American division to split into two operating units in order to be able to streamline focus.

The two units were the coca cola North America and coca cola refreshments.

It had an aim of accelerating the growth and to refranchise to independent bottling partners.

The pressures were to intensify the focus on the key markets, to streamline the reporting lines and provide flexibility to in order to adjust the business within these geographies in the future.

The changes that occurred due to the pressures include changes in leadership which include:

The Coca-Cola North America was led by J. A. M. Sandy Douglas as the group president. He will report to Kent and will continue his role as the global chief customer officer. The North America brands retail sales, , foodservice, brand commercial, development and research , venturing and emerging brands, the franchise leadership and the transformation and the Canadian franchise operations will be reporting to Douglas.

Coca-Cola Refreshments, the bottling operations of North America, became part of the Bottling Investments Group (BIG) and was led by Paul Mulligan as president. Mulligan will be reporting to the BIG President Irial Finan. Mulligan currently is serving as the head of the commercial for the BIG and the region director responsible for the Japan and the Latin America BIG operations. The CCR Canada, supply chain and service, the bottler commercial, region sales and customer care will be reporting to Mulligan in his new role.
The North America will enable the functions to continue supporting both CCNA and CCR.
The President of the Coca-Cola Americas Steve Cahillane will let the company pursue the other opportunities.
The Coca-Cola Americas operating structure ceased to exist and Latin America Group, which is led by the Group President Brian Smith, became part of the Coca-Cola International. Smith will be reporting to Ahmet Bozer, who is the president of the Coca-Cola International.

The resistance to the change was not effective since we are able to see that the company went ahead to divide itself and different changes took place and at long last they were accepted. With this in place it enabled those who were resisting the change to accept the change since it was coming with a lot of advantages both to the organization and to themselves as the employees.

Other organizations would not have reacted in the same direction since when change takes place the entire employees of the organization have got different perceptions to the change that was occurring.

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