This is topic is about the Fuji Apple one of the hybrid fruits developed by growers in Japan in 1930 and later introduced in the market in 1962. This topic is interesting because it provides the genesis of the delicious apple in the world. The apple was developed from two apple varieties from United States and these apples are Red Delicious and Ralls Janet. Also the topic is interesting because it enables one to identify the nutritional facts about Fuji Apple. One of the nutritional values is that the apple contains high amount of flavanoids which help in reducing the risk of heart attack and heart disease. Another nutritional fact is that the apple is rich in vitamin C which helps in protecting the body from diseases.

More so, Fuji Apple is rich in fiber which plays a major role in ensuring that the level of cholesterol is reduced in the body. The apple also contains bioflavonoids which help in protecting heart diseases and cancer among the people.

Furthermore, this analysis will help one to discover the demand of the Fuji Apple in the market. The analysis may also assist in identifying more nutritional value the apple to the customers. Finally the analysis will help one to discover the sugar content of the apple


The analysis of data was performed by linear regression. This model was the best because it enable the user to determine the prediction very easily. Moreover, the linear regression is the better representation of the data because it implements statistical model that show optimal results when the relationships between the variables are almost linear.

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