Technology is one of the major determiners’ in a countries level of urbanization .This is therefore a clear and not esoteric proposition that different countries are classified with respect to how urbanized in terms of technology a good example being USA.The country has far enough been at the forefront in ensuring that its citizens are able to cured and perfectly diagnosed to determine the right drugs to prescribe. There has been introduction of numerous machines that employ the smart programmed inclusion of technological advancements’ with certain instructions keyed in to enhance the accuracy and speed to which patients are served and discharged to reduce the level of congestions .

As a, country , the United States of America happens to harness most of the most qualified league of doctors whose potential abilities are widely re-know .This puts the country at a more better edge to expound on its infinite specialty of machine management to carry out operands that are only fit to be handle by people of their intelligent quotient in relation with the diagnosed drugs ,a clear indication that for futuristic development will be further propelled and extended to ensure that its citizens are able to equally obtain services from whichever geographical locations they are.

This machines are sophisticated items used for oncology therapy, cancer therapy, imaging machines within others to which new innovations within this field of medicine .Furthermore technology has enabled the introduction of interfaces through which doctor can directly communicate to their clients through different comprehending the diagnosis that someone faces with regard to the signs and symptoms conveyed .

In addition there have been improved computer systems to reduce paperwork where a patient is able to access their own document and lock their private details .This shows that the futuristic development of technology by 2030 will be more .


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