Further Expansion of Project Ideas

Week 2 Discussion: “Further Expansion of Project Ideas” Please respond to the following:

By now, you should have firmed up your idea(s) for a project to pursue through communication with your professor and classmates. Explain through a post in Blackboard the following:

What problem(s) your suggested project solve or what opportunities it capitalizes on.

How does it fit the scope statement template previously mentioned (page 105) of the textbook), hence making it a viable project. Next, respond to at least two (2) posts of your classmates and comment on their potential project ideas.

My project will solve the problem of privacy when motel guests are enjoying their free breakfast in the new Breakfast Nook. It will also separate the check-in check-out motel guest from the guest eating breakfast.


To renovate the lobby of a motel. (Name not used) The work is expected to be completed within two months, from July 2016 through September 2016 at a cost of approximately $50, 000.00.


A 2552-square-foot rectangular area with male and female restrooms, front door facing rear door leading to pool and lounging area.

Appliances to include microwave, juice and coffee machines, waffle maker, cereal and milk containers and rack for eating supplies

Tables and chairs


Permits approved

Blueprints approved

Drywall in, Framing, and Painting

Final Inspection


Must meet all local building codes

Door must pass NFRC energy rating


Room will be built to specifications and design of blueprint of customer

Contractor reserves the right to contract out services.

Contractor is responsible for subcontracted work.

Site work limited to Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Classmates and Professor

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