Human Performance Human Performance

Human Performance

Knowledge, skills, and attitudes are the basis for human performance. An individual’s performance depends on the interaction of motivation, KSA’s, and the environment. Motivation is the process of meeting those needs based upon your beliefs and thinking process. Each one of these factors and their overall combination can determine your success. However, even if you have knowledge, kill, and the right attitude, you can still fail without the motivation. Motivation is cognitive, therefor it is not observable. So, one’s behavior must be observed to determine the level of motivation to satisfy specific needs. In a training environment I would imagine that motivation is the most important. It is important for the employees to be able to see what they are working towards. A specific example could be rewarding the employees during the training process for a job well done or even rewarding the employees ongoing after the training is complete.

Analyze key differences between the Behaviorist and Cognitive models of learning. Focus on where control of learning occurs in each approach.

The behavioral model states that learning comes from behavioral changes that come due to reinforcements and the cognitive model states that learning comes because of internal integration of information.

I would think that positive reinforcement and extinction could/would go hand in hand. You can reward an employee for the same behavior for a while, but it may grow old and lose its effect on the employee causing extinction.

* Based on the scenario, evaluate the influence of motivation as it applies to the learning experience.

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