GS 104 Deep Water Horizon discussion

Review the website to read more about the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill. The Deep Water Horizon is located in a unique, yet critical environmental habitat which supports a variety of marine organisms. Do you think that drilling in this area should continue? Why or why not? When defending your response, cite examples and describe the advantages or disadvantages of drilling in the Deep Water Horizon.

At least 75 words


To his point in time, the responsible parties accepted the cleanup exercise. This paved way for ecological restoration. After some time, the marine life will continue as it was before. I personally think drilling should continue since accidents are bound to happen anywhere. Responsibility, which has been accepted here, is the key to solving any mistake. Finding the suitable spots in any other place that oil could be drilled might be difficult so the Deep Water Horizon misfortune should not be a case to do away with the whole project. Drilling in the deep water horizon possess many challenges in itself. Just like in the case study in the website, whenever there is a leak, it is very hard to contain. The marine life and the ecosystem around it suffers a lot. Despite the negative side, drilling Deep Water Horizon should continue.

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