Happiness Paper

Happiness Paper





Happiness Paper

After watching the video about the Bhutanese and their way of happiness, it was very interesting and it seemed like that’s how it use to be in this country back in the days, that it was only the simple things in life that makes you happy. The fact they have plenty of crops grown as well as cattle they are growing their foods naturally and raising up their meats, with that being said the fact they have food to provide for their families or for those who don’t have food it gives them happiness to be able to help those that are in need. The fact they have a roof over their head and food on their back it’s just the simple things in life that these people really appreciate even though we use to be that way at one time I don’t know what happen in life but now these days people in this country are all for themselves and not helping others. The fact these people can help those in others gives them pure joy.

As the video was being reviewed it was things such as the people were working together as far as harvesting crops and such, working on houses and such as well as giving food to others who didn’t have any. Its things like these that show the true meaning of happiness in my opinion. No one these days really are like how these people were this is something that we all should learn and instill in our way of living because if you bless others you will be blessed back in return and that’s a true thing.

When looking at the good life in Bhutanese culture and American culture they do have similarities but as far as American culture is concerned it is not all the way like Bhutanese culture, it’s the simple things in life with the Bhutanese the fact that they have a roof over their head, food on the table, and the fact they use natural resources that we were intended to use makes them happy, American culture on the other hand go by things of money for happiness, materialistic things, sex, food, etc. The American culture majority are selfish people and don’t think of no one happiness but themselves it’s just said that we can’t be more like the Bhutanese people.

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