Have You Been Influenced by a Leader

“Have You Been Influenced by a Leader?” Please respond to the following:

What organizational leader has had the most positive influence in your life, and why? How would you describe what this person contributes to your life in three words?

I consider myself a very observant person so when I see a good leader I tend to gravitate towards them, and I learn the most from them. I can think of two different managers within my career that I admire and had a positive influence on my life.However, my first manager that influenced me was at my first job, McDonald’s. Leslie taught me a lot. I started literally a week after I turned sixteen. Leslie was always a cheerful person, she worked hard, and also knew when to laugh and cut up. Leslie was like my mom at work, considering I was the youngest person there. She always told me “always work hard but don’t brag about it, and always be aware of how my employee’s behavior”. Let’s fast forward to now I’m twenty-six, I understand what Leslie was saying and simply put. Hard work and initiative will speak louder than you can say “I’m so awesome at …” boasting gets you nowhere. Secondly, is to observe how people are, understand small micro-stresses by understanding body language and how everyone on your crew is aninduvial.Also, how do I deliver a message to “X” person while getting the job done, but be able to sense if something is off, and add a complement or something to “X” person smile improves morale. I hated working at McDonald’s honestly, however the Leslie ran her shift she made it feel like I HAD to be there and while I was there the job itself, is horrible but finding the positive and focusing on that. So, the three words I would use to describe what contributed to my life would be, Individualism, Observation, and Communication.

Hi Timothy, I love the fact that he mentored you and molded you taught you a set of skills that you can still you today! I would love to learn from you, it takes great courage to open up a franchise! I like the way you stated that he was genuinely determined to see others exceed. That makes a great leader.

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