The social, Economical and political situation of a community should correspond at the cost of the urgent and primary care. In a lot of community today the cost for primary care is so high and it is difficult for the population to afford primary care. 

I believe the most critical competencies for a leader to possess are:

Decision-making and decision quality


Priority setting

 Motivating skills is really important to have because through the leader ship there may be some one having a bad day or a new hire employee. The leader need to able to motivate the employee so he can pick up and not fall too far behind. Example: lets say you work at a fast food restaurant and one of your employee have his baby boy that is sick and he is not productive like he should be. Instead of blaming him or yelling at him the leader need to be companionate and motivate him so he can overcome his sadness and be productive.



Some of the key competencies a manager should have or process that I feel are important are conceptual skills where you have the ability to analyze and solve complex issues or problems and also interpersonal skills where you have the ability to communicate and work well with others. For an example the interpersonal skill is need to effective provide effective criticism for improvement in a particular area of growth. In this example I will use a personal experience. I work currently in a call center and the time came for my annual review. My manager removed off the production floor and too his office and discussed one by one the evaluation and what I can do to improve on my skills. If he didn’t possess the interpersonal skill set and was just rude and didn’t take time to explain the evaluation or if just let the whole department hear my personal evaluation it  would not have gone smoothly and a misunderstanding could have potentially happened.


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