How to Get New Staff Members upto Speed

DB4: How to Get New Staff Members upto Speed

Take them through the project generally

A good start which introduces them to the activities, responsibilities, project requirements as well as deliverables will keep the new team staff in the general know how and these hints prepare them psychologically for what they expect and what is expected of them. It helps them settle quickly.

Peer consultations

Allowing and encouraging the new staff members to interact and ask questions to their peers who are already used to the system and the project will make them feel better placed to pick up quickly with the rest of the team members.

Create friendly environment

Creating a friendly environment will ensure there is no fear for asking anything for the best of the results of team working. This will enable the new team members to blend well in the team.

DB5: Deciding on resources

I would choose the team that will be allocated 100% of the project. I will have considered the progressive nature of the project. A project requires a team which is dedicated towards achieving a certain goal tied to that project. As a result there is need for consistency with the choice of the team.

DB6: Risk Analysis

Risk of changes in prices-there is a risk that prices of raw materials would rise substantially in the near future and this calls for proper planning now to ensure that the project does not go beyond the set limits of the budget.


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