Implementing Culture Change in Food Service

Week 6 Discussion

Review the Case Study: Implementing Culture Change in Food Service, located on page 479 of your text. Next, examine the main structural and process changes that will be required to design and implement family-style dining at this facility.

I believe that all departments that are involved in the main structural and process changes that will be required should work as one. Each department or groups can be made to implement the changes in many phases. The department that should be involved is Ms. Morehouse, administrator; Mr. Hassan, finance and admissions coordinator; Mr. Washington, food services director; Ms. Laird, director of nursing; Ms. Smith, rehabilitation supervisor; Mr. Keith, construction representative; Mr. Morgan, designer; Mr. Welbourne, contractor; Ms. Reese, architect. Things such as when, what, when, and how the family-style dining at this facility will change can be in the first stage. This stage is the most critical part. After these department implement these changes the family-style dining at this facility will change consumers feeling and expectations.

Suggest a plan of action to address Ms. Laird’s concerns from the Planning Committee meeting regarding noise, security, and other potential disruptions expected during the construction of the new kitchens and dining areas. Provide a rationale for your response.


In any reconstruction program there will be noise that there really is no way to make it quiet. I way that can help make it not so loud is using some equipment that has noise control. Equipment such as Sound curtains or sound blankets are an effective means of noise reduction and soundproofing of process machinery, pumps, and compressors can be used at a facility that requires noise control and access to the equipment.


Security can be handled by blocking off the constructions site, as well as have warning signs. By having fences, locks, posted notices, proper identification, lighting, alarms, a guard, and/or video surveillance are absolutely vital to the safety of your customers and the property.

Singh, Douglas A (2014). Effective management of long term care facilities. 3rd edition, Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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