Improving Access to Care in the United States

Hayes, S. C. (2004). Universal Healthcare in America. Online Journal of Health Ethics, 1(1). h p://

  • Universal healthcare has it’s pros and cons for the American people. Of course for every pro there is a con and vice versa. Some cons include that there could be an increase in the US debit and deficit, wait times at medical centers could increase, an increase on taxes, and a right to healthcare could cause an overuse of healthcare resources. Some o the pros include: the right to health care could stop medical bankruptcy, improvement of public health, the right to health care could make medical services affordable for everyone, the right to health care could lower cost of health care in the US and the right to health care could save lives. I understand the dilemma of the overuse of medical resources because even myself, I won’t go to the doctor until I realize and admit whatever the issue is I can’t fix myself because I don’t want to acquire another medical bill. It’s pressure to decide if it’s doctor worthy or a home remedy fix. Even with having health insurance I still decide if it’s worth a trip and a claim on my insurance because I don’t want to pay a co-pay. If I had the benefits to where the finances wouldn’t be an issue I’d probably utilize the doctor’s office, urgent care, and emergency room more than I choose to now. People would be in the hospital for every couch and ache when honestly it’s an at home remedy fix with some OTCs.
  • On the other hand, I’m here for universal healthcare because I have a grandmother who was, before ACA, denied health insurance from just about any and everybody because she was a two-times cancer survivor. So many people can now get the help they need that before was not allowed to them due to things that were simply out of their control. Turning away cancer patients or making them to pay for their medicines without any type of financial break having to choose between paying a bill and paying for medicine is just cruel and harsh. The ACA has taken major steps in the right direction but how much you have to pay for a family of four on a low income to abide by the law is ridiculous. Most Americans lost hours or their jobs due to the regulations of the ACA. I think with universal healthcare everyone wins because the employers aren’t losing as much money or production due to having to keep a minimum of hours and providing healthcare for their employees. While the employees keep their jobs and can have health care for their families without having to work multiple jobs and paying so much for some decent health care.

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