Internal and external method for dissemination of an EBP project results

Internal and external method for dissemination of an EBP project results.

An internal method is the use of hospital board. An external method is use of a professional nursing organization.A good technique must be used in order to identify the individual or organisation that need to be included in the programme. In order to identify the suitable method, the following process is used. First identify the internal and external stakeholders, then assess the nature of each stakeholder’s influence and importance in the organisation. Follow this by construction of a matrix that identifies stakeholder influence and importance. Finally monitor and manage stakeholder relationships.

It is important to report the results to both groups. This will enable the outcome of the research of the project to be perfect and hence more informative.

The communication strategies for each group will change. This is where a good communications strategy is helpful. An internal method is approached different with the external methods.

In the internal method, you cross all the information whereas in the external method one need to have the limit of the information you give out.


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