Marketing Communication Plan

Marketing Communication Plan

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Implementing a Crisis management Plan

The Family Dinner restaurant being a family business is run and managed by the family members only. This is a great risk that the business takes since incase anything happens to the family the business could become instable or collapse just like it happened when the family members got sick. Also, having the family run the business could pose a challenge in terms of mismanagement and embezzlement of funds. Following the information provided by the heir of the business, the restaurant has been losing sales or say profits over the past few years. This could be as a result of mismanagement of funds by the family. Since the business is run and managed by the family, they have the mandatory to use the finds in case of any critical issues that arises within the family. This leads to usage of the sales made by the business and if the habit continues, the business ends up losing sales.

The Family Dinner restaurant also faced a challenge when the family members started having health issues, for this reasons the members have not been able to manage the restaurant effectively. We all understand that only a small number of people that can work effectively under minimal supervision. Also, with the nature of work, there is need for close supervision since the business is very critical. With the family’s situation, they were not in a position to take control of the business and hence the chef and the servers were left to handle the business on their own. This is a very major challenge to the business since there could be cases of dishonesty in terms of recording the amount of sales. Also, the servers might not handle the customers as required and hence dissatisfaction of services offered by the clients. This could consequently lead to loss of customers which results to reduction in the amount of sales and profits made in the restaurant.

Family Dinner restaurant allows people to smoke in the restaurant and also some of the servers serve the clients as they smoke. According to the policies of health and food and hygiene which hold that hygiene should be maintained in all places that handle foods or serve people with foods, it is clear that the restaurant does not observe the policies. A restaurant is a public place where different people meet in the course of coming to have breakfast, lunch. These habits discourages the customers for coming back to the restaurant because the restaurant do not maintain hygiene in its services. Smoking causes air pollution and this affects the people in the surrounding and therefore the habit chases the customers away. This is a great challenge to the business since with the loss of customers the sales reduce and hence contribute to the falling of the business. The business is also at a risk of being closed down by the food and hygiene and also health agencies since the restaurant does not uphold the policies and the code of ethics set up by the agencies.

Family Dinner restaurant is also at a risk of making high losses due to misuse of resources in the restaurant. From the information provided, the workers who are mostly women at the age of early 60s tend to give their grandchildren drinks whenever they pass by and from the records they do not pay for the drinks. This is a depiction of misusing of resources, this is because the drinks are bought from the sales and they are supposed to be replaced after the stock is depleted. However, this makes it difficult for the restaurant to purchase a new stock since some of the drinks were not paid for and hence the cash is not enough to replace the stock. This circumstance forces the one in charge to use the profits made to replace the stock and hence reduction in the sales of the restaurant.

Lastly, the business encounters the challenge of competition whereby there are other restaurants around it. This is the McDonalds, Subways and sub sonic drive in restaurants which offer special deals throughout the week. This possess a great challenge to the Family Dinner restaurant since it relies entirely on advertising by word of mouth unlike the other restaurants which offer special deals. Hence, the restaurant is not in a position to win many customers as the other restaurants.

Marketing communication refers to the coordinated promotional messages made on various platforms and are delivered through distinct channels such as radio, television, personal selling and direct mails. It can also be defined as a method of educating consumers about the value of one product or service over another. On the other hand the marketing plan refer to a specific document that outlines the current marketing situations. The marketing plan is meant to identify opportunities and threats, set objectives and develops an action plan to achieve the marketing goals. Following the current description of the Family Dinner Restaurant, it needs some drastic changes in areas of marketing communication plan to improve its operations as well as to revive the business and place it I a better position than it is.

The first area that need to be changed in the business is branding. Branding is a very important aspect for every business be it large scale or small scale. An effective brand strategy marks the business at a higher level in the increasingly competitive markets. Brand defines the product or service that are found in the business, brand defines what the consumers expect from the business and differentiates one’s product from those of competitors. The brand can be inform of a logo or wording. This therefore means that the logo used or the wordings used should sell the business.

For instance, with the example of the restaurant which is ‘Family dinner restaurant’ the word dinner sells the business since it tells more of what the business does. However, the name is not so much enticing and that is why it needs a drastic change to capture the attention of the customers. For instance, ‘Super Delicacies inn’ would be an appropriate name for the restaurant. This is because the name sells the restaurant more because with the word delicacies, what clicks into the mind of the customers is delicious foods. Also, the positioning of the name of the restaurant which is on the verandah is not appropriate since it is not seen by many people. The positioning should be changed and be written on the wall close to the roof where many people will be able to see it. The color of the restaurant should also be changed to a more conspicuous one say red. The color should be shouting for it to be identified by a number of people.

Also, the advertising strategy needs a serious intervention. Following the competitors around the business, it is very important that business embrace more effective and efficient methods of advertising that seem to attract more customers and new customers over the competitor. Following the provided information about the business, Family Dinner uses word of mouth in its advertising, this is not effective as it will not reach many people and hence the desired target of customers will not be reached. The business should embrace technological and more advanced of advertising which will help market and advertise the restaurant.

Such methods include use of television where an advert about the restaurant is aired hence it reaches masses of people which may end up attracting more customers. There is also blogging whereby the manger or just the workers in the restaurant create a page in various social media platforms where they give detailed information about the restaurant, these sites provides an opportunity for communication with the customers and allow for any clarifications that the customers might need to know. This is the greatest method to use since almost everyone is on social media and hence sells out the business to more people and hence emerging successful in the competitive market.

In conclusion, with the competitive market in the area surrounding the family dinner restaurant, there is need for it to use the distinct marketing communications plan to emerge successful and win more customers over its competitors.


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