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Drug Dealing





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Drug Dealing

Drug dealing according to the statement should never be a crime because it does not directly harm others or force them to harm themselves. It is based on free will since no one is forced to abuse or use according to the statement. Taking and doing all other dealing should be legal and all transaction should take place just like any other business that is licensed within the law since it is based on free will, again, according to the statement.

Drug and drug abuse isn’t just illegal because no one is forced to distribute, sell or even use them. It is illegal because of its side effects to the user. Its addiction and consequences versus the profits makes it difficult for the government to go for the profits. Addiction normally results in a big loss to the family of the person affected and also to the individuals themselves (Goldberg, 2014). The family’s finances and care are all put at risk and waste. Turning back from addiction is difficult if one does not succumb to it. Taking it at a face value that no one is forced to it will be naïve if no consideration is made of the final result and impact on not just the user but everyone at large. At some point in governance, business has to be looked with a wider angle and not just the profit from the people that sell these drugs. There is also the human aspect of it. There are various undertakings and scandals that happen in the drug industry. Bearing with its difficult by itself makes it very difficult for the law enforcers. Before anything is made legal or illegal, the law enforcers must have seen all their positive and negative aspect before deciding on it

From the analysis and review above, it is very clear that drug dealing should always be a crime and should never be allowed to be law under whatever circumstance. The bigger picture should always be considered before any decision is taken. Continuously making drug dealing a crime will save the people a lot in many terms when all other partners involved are well considered.


Goldberg, R. (2014). Drugs across the spectrum (7th ed.). United States: Wadsworth.

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