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Socrates is one of the most influential western people to the Athenians society as he challenged them for unsound arguments. It was the time of cultural expansion whereby Socrates had a deep interest to understand the level of human knowledge. He was the wisest person in the Athens and he was not aware of his knowledge due to much ignorance he had. Socrates has been unique among all the great philosophers as today he is still remembered for his religious act. Every school had competition for this man has he had great impacts to his philosophy. Socrates and his followers focused on expanding the purpose of philosophy whereby they tried to understand from outside the world to tease the inner values apart (Parker, 2007).

Traditions fueled the whole society of Athens before Socrates passion for definitions and many people lived a life which no one could expect anything from them. Only few who would question about this tradition which dominated the whole society. Any other ide was like foreign and it needed a strong person like Socrates to change this society. This society needed new ideas and point of new dimensions so that the tradition world may be changed so that they would live and think according to Socrates view. Socrates was a great man whereby he not only thought differently from other people but he also made changes on the way others thought (Tweed et al. 2002).

Socrates brought much change to the society which had been clouded by tradition and thy saw the reason behind his revolution. Socrates had outstanding characteristics whereby he kept his words even when he was brought on trial by the new government. He was therefore charged with a crime of corrupting the youth. Socrates stood up for truth and was dedicated to die so that he can accomplish his mission. Socrates played big role in Athens society despite the challenges he faced before he decided to die for truth. Awakening this society needed a lot humility where Prussian philosopher imitated Jesus and Socrates.

There is chance in our society for philosophers and other people to create much impact and build change. This can only be done by people who have strong bond of ideas like Socrates. This change will only be created when one is willing to interact with the busy city and the changing society to make it better. The society has been affected by the advanced technology which has caused serious global change. Our society today can admit change as evidenced from the past whereby people held much on tradition but today they have engaged in new technology and no one would like to lug behind. A philosopher needs to be influential so that he or she can create change in the society (Tweed et al. 2002).

In conclusion, the impacts which Socrates left to our society are hard for us to measure because of his determination to create change to every individual. Socrates was one person who lived according to his principle and nothing would influence him to change and follow the mass. His morals on ethics are still being taught by other philosophers to our students and he will remain famous for standing out for what he believed. Socrates gave out his life whereby he stood up for what he believes and not many can do it. He is one of the great philosophers who will still be recognized even by the future generations to come (Parker, 2007).


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